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Choose only licensed and trusted online casinos

All reputable gambling sites are licensed by their type of activity and subject to the laws of one of the countries where online gambling is allowed. Many of these companies are based in Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Malta and the Caribbean. In addition, many countries, states and provinces require operators to obtain additional licenses to operate in these locations. Such a license is a must for any site that is considered safe and secure for players. As for the honesty of safe online casino sites operators, we can say as about Rick from the movie “Casablanca”: “As honest as a long day”. This is true for most gambling sites that provide random falling combinations. However, as they say, trust, but check. You should not take your word for it.


All major operators are testing their slots with the participation of independent companies, in order to prove that the results of the games nobody is manipulating in any way. It concerns not only malicious attempts to deceive players, as well as programming errors. Most operators publish on their sites a link to an organization that tests their games, thus ensuring software integrity and security. The most popular auditors are TST (Technical Systems Testing) and Certified Fair Gambling.

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